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System Requirements:
Windows XP SP3 or later with .NET 4.0 Framework

Quick Usage:
  1. In DDO, /ui layout save testLayout
  2. Open program, Open file, choose testLayout.layout
  3. Move stuff around
  4. Save
  5. In DDO, /ui layout load testLayout
It currently features:
  • Load any of your exported layouts
  • UI Elements are grouped based on common functionality
    • Items can have a friendly name (note 1)
    • Items can be specific colors assigned (note 1)
  • Items can be resized
    • If the element supports resizing (note 1)
    • Snap to grid while resizing (hold control to bypass grid snapping)
    • Some elements enforce a minimum size (per the UI)
  • Move items using the mouse.
    • Click an item to select it
    • If snapping is enabled item will snap to a grid based on top left corner
    • If the shift key is pressed, item will snap based on the top right corner
    • If the control key is pressed, snapping will be ignored
    • If control and shift is pressed, the item will attempt to snap based on adjacent elements (needs tweaking)
  • Move items using the arrow keys
    • Click an item to select it
    • Pressing the arrow keys will snap it up/left/right/down (if snapping is enabled)
    • If the control key is pressed, it will move it 1px at a time
  • Snap Grid
    • Can toggle snapping
    • Can change grid line color and transparency
    • Can change grid size
  • Background
    • Can specify an image (try it with a screen capture of DDO with or without the UI visible!)
    • Can specify a color
  • Go Full Screen! - Alt-Enter

Note 1: Some settings are not editable using the settings dialog and must be changed by editing the settings.xml file by hand.

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